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    Expectation of how often mail black listed

    My server at my current reseller host gets the mail IP black listed almost once a month now days. I have been with them for years and would rate them as no more than barely acceptable anymore. Since I have not looked into hosting in years I am not sure what my expectations of how often the mail IP gets listed should be. I asked if I could be moved to a new server and they said no they do not do that.

    I would appreciate input on what others feel is acceptable. I understand in a shared hosting situation this happens sometimes. I just feel this is well beyond what it should be.

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    It really depends on the amount of mitigation they do to block outgoing spam. If they are keeping a close eye on the mail logs and acting quickly on any abuse tickets it should lower it down. If they aren't...ask them to move you. If they can't/won't...there are alternatives.

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    If you can afford it, ask them for a dedicated IP for your hosting.
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    Shared IP's you will get this alot, and you cant realy do much about it.

    Alot of resellers now offer free dedicated IP's with there packages...

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    One thing that can really help this situation is a good outbound mail filter (SpamExperts, etc.). Be sure to ask potential providers about what type of outbound filtering is offered, if any. - Take Control Of Your Backups!
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