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    Anycast service from a server provider with multiple DCs

    As the title states, is anyone aware of any dedicated server providers with multiple datacenters that are willing to provide anycast IP addresses, announced from their various DCs? Ideally information about this service (and pricing) would be public (hate going through the sales thing).

    I'm really just interested in seeing if any providers do this at all, but if I had the luxury of choosing additional attributes: DCs in both North America and Europe would be good.

    The closest I've found is OVH's "load balancing IP" which specifically references anycast, but with the way they reference SSL certificates it's unclear what exactly this service is -- an HTTP load balancing solution, or just an anycast service as you would be lead to believe? My application isn't HTTP; all I want is the IPs to be announced and routed to a machine in each DC and I'll do the rest.

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    As far as I remember, Softlayer does that.

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