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Hello Friends,

We are very excited to announce that after careful consideration, setup and fine tuning, our new Asia-Pasific server location in Singapore is ready to accommodate new customers.
This is the third housing option in our global neighborhood, after the Chicago and Amsterdam datacenters proved to be a hit.
The process was a little lengthy and difficult at times but the final result was totally worth it.
Given the boom of the economy in this region, it was only natural that we look for a way to get closer to the end users, thus bringing out the best out of their application performance.
We are proud to facilitate the Asian servers in some of the safest and most secure datacenters in the region, ensured by premium connectivity through several different Internet service providers.

Why did we choose Singapore? After a ton of debates and research preceding this decision, the advantages proved to be unmatched.
Not only is Singapore one of the fastest growing countries in Asia, but as a central hub for many international trading routes, its location is very strategic.
We are also impressed by the introduced cutting-edge technologies, which have been carefully developed to meet the growing demand of IT services in the region. To top it all, the staff there were super patient and friendly, giving us all the information we needed during the selection process.
We feel safe knowing that the datacenter will provide the 24/7 monitoring of servers, just as in our US and European locations. And the security measurements taken really makes us sleep well at night.

For us, this is an important step towards improving the variety, quality and reliability that our customers deserve.
In order to try it out, simply select the Singapore location from the drop-down menu during Step 2 of our order process and in no time you will be ready to start your new online venture.

For more information, visit our website, come to our LiveChat or give us a call at 866-389-6676