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    Email certification

    Anyone ever heard of email certification? Sort of like a 3rd party that certifies that your email is not spam.

    Know of any reputable certification companies? Does it really help?

    I absolutely hate hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc. But there are so many people that use it, I have no choice but to deal with it.

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    The best way to ensure that your emails aren't marked as spam is to ensure the following:
    1. They are sent from a mail server with a rDNS record pointing to the correct FQDN.
    2. They abide the anti-spam email rules outlined in any legislation in your country and the recipients country.
    3. ALWAYS have an unsubscribe link.
    4. Use Meaningful subjects and content (a lot of spam filters scan emails for sentence coherence).

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    Do I need an unsubscribe link to send one email to someone? The emails I have the most problem with are emails sent from my desktop computer. The bulk mails make it through OK.

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    Sounds like the IP of your connection at home is on a blacklist. Have you checked your home IP for blacklisting?

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    are you trying to sent a lot of emails to a lot of people? (anything more than 30~50 emails at once?)

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    Not quite than many. Perhaps 20 at the most. But these are not spam messages. They are to warn customers their service is about to expire.

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