xCubeHost.com // Offers SSD VPS & OpenVZ Linux VPS.
Located in Los Angeles and connected to NTT, nLayer, Level3, TiNet, Cogent networks.

As Standard -
User Control Panel
CentOS + Ubuntu
Multi OS Choices in CP
Los Angeles Location
2-18 Hour Setup
FREE 24/7 Support
Instant Server Reboots
Free Password Resets
Free OS Installs
IPv4 & IPv6
Guaranteed Server Resources
100Mbps Network Ports
TUN/TAP Enabled on all Plans
100% Server Uptime Guarantee
100% Network Uptime Guarantee
0 Packet Loss Guarantee


512 MB Dedicated RAM
1024 MB Burst RAM
25GB SSD Disk
1 E5-2620 2Ghz CPU
2000 GB Bandwidth
1 IP Address

SSD 1024MB
1024 MB Dedicated RAM
2048 MB Burst RAM
35GB SSD Disk
1 E5-2620 2Ghz CPU
3000 GB Bandwidth
2 IP Address

SSD 2048MB
2048 MB Dedicated RAM
4096 MB Burst RAM
45GB SSD Disk
2 E5-2620 2Ghz CPU
4000 GB Bandwidth
2 IP Address

SSD 4096MB
4096 MB Dedicated RAM
8192 MB Burst RAM
65GB SSD Disk
4 E5-2620 2Ghz CPU
5000 GB Bandwidth
2 IP Address

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