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With our excellent Multi-Peering connectivity links, you can only expect the best connectivity experience when you choose to colocate your rack appliances here with Vodien. Do you have your own IP Addresses? Do not worry as we offer free IP Transit services where we can link up your IPv4 Addresses with our service networks. If you are looking to expand into the IPv6 realm, we can offer that for free as well. Need a helping hand with a system reboot? Leave that to our 24/7 Support Team whom will be on standby via phone and email to provide you with technical assistance. At Vodien Internet Solutions, we are committed to ensuring that you get the best out of your hosting experience here with us.


Deliver, Plug and Play for a whole new experience! No Setup Fee!

Singapore 1U Colocation Promotion
Location: Changi (Eastern Singapore)

Rackspace: 1U
Power Sockets and Output: 1 Power Socket with 0.25kVA
IPv4 Addresses: 2 IPv4 Addresses
IPv6 Addresses: 12 IPv6 Addresses, IPv4-to-IPv6 NAT available
Bandwidth: 10Mbps Commited Bandwidth with 100Mbps Burstable Bandwidth, up to 95th Percentile Billing. Excess usage charged at S$25/Mbps
Remote Reboot: 10 Remote Reboot Requests Per Month
Price:: S$180/month
Setup Fee: NONE!

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Network Information
Provider: Vodien Singapore
Server Location: Singapore
IP Test:
Speed Test: Available here

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About Us
Vodien is a registered Singapore web hosting company since 2002, and services hundreds of SMEs and governmental organisations. At Vodien, we provide simple and effecive hosted solutions that will readily meet your every needs. Our support team is readily available 24/7 via phone and email communication channels. At Vodien, we are committed to ensuring that you get the best out of your hosting experience here with us.