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    How do I get my site thebitesizeconcepts to be at least in page 5 when I search?

    Sorry if this is the wrong section but I've been working to make my site thebitesizeconcepts in at least the 5th page when I search "web design singapore" in
    Care to help an SEO newbie? Thanks

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    I would say the first change you want to make is your title tag. It says "Web Designing Singapore". If you're going after "Web Design Singapore", you probably want to use that exact phrasing. I would probably bold or highlight "Website Development and Design in Singapore" at the top of your page signifying the keyword is important, then change it to "Singapore Website Design & Development".
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    There is not any fixed activity for getting your site rank in SERP.

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    Well you could stop polluting your own domain! (screenshot of google results: )
    hi there!

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