Create your own Private VPS within our Public Cloud. We provide you with a fully self-service configuration & connection to each one of your servers with private Layer 2 Networks and VLAN for internal networking between your servers At up to 10Gbit/sec true network isolation

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Provide reliable, professional, High Availability Cloud Infrastructure with SSD boosted centralized storage Since 1999.

ClubVPS Cloud Services Offers our customer with all the aspects of secured, high performance, and reliable data storage services, at the top of the industry.

All Plans Include a Network Traffic of 1000GB /Month Or 20Mbps Unmetered.

ClubVPS Exclusive Cloud Combination:

- SSD Boosted Storage w/ SAS Drives

- Custom Engineered Advanced Control Panel for monitoring, upgrades, reboots and more...

- Hong Kong, Amsterdam, New York and Middle East Facilities

- Fully owned, self-engineered Cloud Platform

- Real 24x7 Round The Clock Support

- Tier-4 Data Centers, 99.999% Infrastructure availability

- N+1 infrastrcture for every component from ground up.

- Each Cloud Server is clear wide open to a 1Gbps uplink burstable up to 10Gbps.

- Hardware Firewall Layer, Load Balancers, Managed Services and much more options

CDN Friendly Cloud!

Design your own configuration using our Online Configurator Calculator.

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