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    Wallpapers HD Site, Adsense earnings


    I am selling my wallpapers site.


    Total Posts with wallpapers: 4,375

    Adsense earnings:



    Domain Created On:10-Jul-2013

    Expiration Date:10-Jul-2014

    Registrar: Godaddy

    Reason of sale: Not have time for this site because i have other sites to manage.

    BIN: 250$ Only [Offers must be made in the thread, not via PM, etc.]

    Sale End Date: 28th Feb, 2014

    Accepted Payment methods: Paypal, Indian Bank transfers only

    Note: Wallpapers are in HD and the image files size is up to 1 GB.
    The buyer will be given the ftp access to the site files to download the backup. I will give you the database backup also. If you want i can move this site to your hosting with team viewer.


    MODS: I think i have foolwed this thread rules:
    If you think something is missing please pm me or reply to this thread, i will add that missing thing asap.
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