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    Arma 2/ Dayz and TCAdmin

    I am in need of some serious help. I have a dedicated server I use to host my game hosting business, and recently, I decided to host Arma 2 Dayz servers as well, specifically the Epoch mod.

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to setup Arma 2 with TCAdmin. I spend over 60 hours on it already, and it is driving me up a wall. If anyone know how to do it, please tell me, or help me out.

    If someone can help me set it up completely (Arma 2, Dayz, Epoch, Some other mods as well), make it something like HFB Servers has, I would be willing to pay.

    I tried googling it, with no results at all. . I am tired, and frustrated with it, and I need it done.

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    I feel your pain. We spent days working on getting it to run via GameCP. First thing to note is that you have to have two seperate Arma2 installs. Epoch and DayZ mod seem to conflict with each other.

    I'll have a talk to Edo. He may be willing to help you out.
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    Im having a similar problem although its setting up dayZ on a linux server. anyone any suggestions?
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    Hi ,
    Have you solved the problem yet? If not I'm willing to help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjamin|UNIT View Post
    Hi ,
    Have you solved the problem yet? If not I'm willing to help.
    Ben could you help me out with this?

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    I'd assume you're talking about the DayZ Arma Mod as the standalone has to be authorized by bohemia. How are you trying to install the two mods. You should install the base game then add the files needed for the two mods separately in the mod section of TCAdmin.
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