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    help choosing the domain

    I would like to know this for the purposes of SEO. I am considering the registration of the domain '' . I know it is long but it also has all the keywords. The keywords which I am targetting at the moment not a brand since I am not established in the major search engines and this is brand new.

    Should i go for this domain ? i can choose something more short but it wouldn't have these keywords in the domain.

    what should i do ?

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    Too long for my taste. Plus computer repairs and web design would put you in the "niche" of the "know it all" - people who are good at everything, but excellent in nothing. Not sure you want to advertise through a single website/domain. Have you considered getting two separate domains and building two sites?

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    You MUST NOT Share Your Domain B4 Your Register !
    Keywords are certainly important but Domain should be memorable and short.
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    Thank you.

    sounds better, I will get to two seperate domains and build two sites

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    For your information, After Google EMD update Google has reduced the weightage of keywords in domain but for location base keywords it still helps. - Latest coupon codes, Promo Codes - Travel Tips & Deals

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    ok, I need help choosing a new domain.

    I used to own my favourite doman called '' but now its taken because i didnt renew it coz i wasnt get much visitors bcause i didnt work on it.

    I underestimated the value of this domain now I want something very similar and cant think of anything like this.

    What domain-name would you suggest ?

    or what about having a domain ending with ...'website' like for example: ?

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    Domain ending with "website" looks good, but not sure how many short names with it remain
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  8. Try not to stuff your domain with too many keywords. exact match domains are pretty old school and not only that - it looks far too spammy.

    Might just do more harm than good to your SEO.

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    They've hit it spot on. Matt Cutts mentioned that keywords in the domain are no longer strongly applicable to SEO. Pick something catchy and memorable!
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    Try and add synonyms like tech and web to come up with ideas.

    They don't seem to have but you may get some ideas.

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    Great advices in this thread, a short domain name representing your brand would be best, I would stick with .com or .net domains.

    A catchy phrase would be best so people can remember your domain easily.

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