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    IP propagation or something else?

    One of my websites is down right now. I was notified last night via email that my host was modifying IP addresses and that it would take up to 24 hours for that to resolve across the interwebs. My host says that they are able to view the site properly, so that's a relief, I suppose.

    But the funny thing is that I can access the Wordpress admin area. I can make changes to the website, and the admin area acts just fine. But when I attempt to access the website, it gives me the familiar "Default Web Site" CGI page.

    Also weird is that I can access the site just fine on my phone (still on my home network via wifi). And all the changes I make via Wordpress are showing up just fine, too.

    This doesn't seem like an IP propagation issue to me. Is it possible to access part of a website due to propagation issues? It is possible that one device on a network will access a site just fine, and another not?

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    You need to clear the cache on your computer that's all, it's a common issue.
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    Bam. You're awesome.

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    So you are with crocweb too.

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