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    Apache to nginx with php-fpm?

    Should I switch from Apache to nginx with php-fpm? Are there any downsides to doing so?


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    Downsides are if your site rely on apache's modules, etc... but you will gain performance with nginx + php-fpm.
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    You can also use Nginx with Apache. Nginx will work as a front end reverse proxy.
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    It will give you a decent performance boost. However, you'll have to be aware that NGINX doesn't support .htaccess, so you'll have to make sure that this doesn't cause any issues.
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    You can choose something in the middle. Like apache with worker|event module + php in fastcgi mode.

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    As most have said, the main downside is the lack of .htaccess support with a raw nginx deployment. You shouldn't experience any issues PHP wise (as long as the version is kept the same).

    nginx + Apache would offer better compatibility.

    What web application(s) are you running? A lot of applications now provide documentation on how you can configure nginx so that it's compatible (instead of having .htaccess).

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    nginx configuration sometimes can get a bit tricky (at least for version 1.0.x) and there are less comprehensive tutorials on nginx compared to apache

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