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    * How to find the most popular content on a competitor site?

    Is there a way of finding out what pages on a competitor website generate the highest traffic? I would like to use this information to create similar content on my website.
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    For that kind of information you may want to do some data-mining that would involve use of latent semantics and trend-watching... Or hire someone to do it for you - companies like Autonomy, NetSeer do such things.
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    Thanks. Do you know what kind of tools do these companies use to do this?
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    I am not entirely sure, but if you check around sourseforge for semantic tools you'll find what you need for free even if it takes some time to learn how to use them.
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  5. Use this tool to check the total number of social media likes and shares received by any webpage. So if you want to know the most popular content of your competitor then you should look for most shared content on social media.

    It also means you need to check each page manually, which will consume lots of time.
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