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    automatically wowza reboot

    i am looking for person who will make script which will automatically reboot wowza every day using cron job.

    at the moment i use following commands run in ssh

    ps aux | grep wowza
    kill PID
    nohup ./ & (but it needs to be run in folder where is wowza)

    and i need if wowza is offline to get email notification that wowza media server is off.

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    You can just install a cron that will restart Wowza at certain time of the day

    service WowzaMediaServer restart
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    service WowzaMediaServer start

    service WowzaMediaServer stop

    Those are the 2 commands available, there no reboot command as I know.Stop and Start is the option for restart.
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    Hello bocko,

    There are a lot to say about this. Ideally works with service but from my very long experience with wowza i can say sometimes java stuck and you can even run service WowzaMediaServer stop and start after it remain stuck until you properly kill java ( as you might know wowza it is running under java).
    This being said here we go ( tested on 2 ubuntu 12.04 environment with both wowza 3.6 and 4.0.3 versions)

    touch <-- create the restart script
    chmod 755 <-- make it writable
    nano < write commands to run it it

    You can use any other editor as you like also like vi or mcedit.
    Since i told you from begin it is based on java we would like to kill java and not wowza.

    Wowza 2.2 up to 3.6.X version 1

    kill -9 $(pidof java)
    sleep 5
    service WowzaMediaServer start

    Press control + X and Y and enter to save the file.

    If you are using Wowza 4.X or higher you should run this.

    Wowza 4.X and higher version 2

    kill -9 $(pidof java)
    sleep 5
    service WowzaStreamingEngine start
    sleep 5
    service WowzaStreamingEngineManager start

    Press control + X and Y and enter to save the file.

    From wowza 4.0 you know they also have the browser interface which is based also on java so that's why you need to start both EngineManager and Engine.

    Now each time when you want to restart wowza you can use the script like this :


    Make a restart every night at 00:00 automatically ( i would do this to reset the garbage collector of java and free memory usage).
    Assuming you have the script in root create here we go.

    crontab -e ( this will open crontab in your favorite editor)
    If you never use cront this will let you chose your editor.
    If you before used an editor and now you want to change it you should type this for example for nano in ssh.

    export EDITOR=nano

    Now you should type this on cron:

    00 00 * * * /root/

    Save it and restart your cron service. Now you should be good about wowza restart.

    Hope it helps.
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