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  1. #1 has any one tried?

    Hi. I recently visited soyoustart as one of my friend needed a dedicated. He choose following config. @ $49/pm

    Processor Intel Xeon E3 1225v2
    Cores/Threads 4 cores/ 4 threads
    Frequency 3.2 GHz+
    RAM 32 GB DDR3
    Disks 2 x 2 TB SATA
    RAID Soft
    Network connection 1Gbps
    Bandwidth 200 Mbps outgoing, internal or external
    IPv4 1
    IPv6 /64
    Failover IP up to 5 optional ( $3.00 USD /Month/IP )

    Now he asked me about the company. But unfortunately i have no idea of Soyoustart's operation. I know its company of OVH. but still having doubt. For their support and services, So if any one has tried, their server.

    Also they added network speed and bandwidth speed but , didn't mention the bandwidth limit unlimited or fixed.

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    We use the main OVH & OVH Hosting division for our leased servers in France & Canada. Rock solid network with only one outage in Canada due to a severed fiber cable.

    Support wise is a bit non existant so if your friend is inexperienced I'd say find a managed host.

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    @Serverbros thanks for reply.
    Did you checked for bandwidth.
    My friend knows managing server. But i don't understand about non existent support.
    About support priority. Its not something like Hetzner is doing right?
    For bidding server low priority

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    Well they are very pro active when it comes to a hardware issue or not responding issue with your server, usually you get a defect email from the automated monitoring system and by the time you have noticed it they have fixed the issue.

    Support by raising a ticket yourself is pretty slow sometimes, and as it's unmanaged they won't help with much outside the OS.

    Overall they are good and in my opinion better than Hetzner by a mile, and if he know what he is doing then I say go for it

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    OVH is pretty good but everyone says their support isn't the best, if you're going to rely on support your better with a managed host.

    Apart from that OVH is a pretty good company.

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    Thanks for quick replies guys. Just 1 doubt left. I saw in Kimsufi and in SYS as well they have own ControlPanel/Robot for server config. And i sent them email as well to get more info.

    My friend needed a rDNS record change for IPs. so he can do that from his end.

    Also how much their IPs costs, if needed extra . they havent added them. On main OVH they have all config listed.

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