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    * **30% DISCOUNT !** INSTANT Managed XEN VPS with Webuzo Premium CP ★ @ $10.46/month ★

    WebuzoHosting is specific service that provides VPS and Dedicated servers with Webuzo Premium one user control panel. The price of our products includes:
    • XEN VPS
    • Webuzo Premium Control Panel with integrated Softaculous AutoInstaller (optionally cPanel + 17$/month)
    • SAS 15k Hard drives
    • IPv4 and IPv6
    • Brand name servers DELL and HP
    • DDOS protection
    • 1 Gbp/s connection PREMIUM bandwith
    • 99.9% Uptime
    • Unmetered traffic
    • Managed support
    • CloudStats Monitoring

    All our servers are located in Europe / Iliad data center in France.VPS servers with installed Webuzo Premium Control Panel initial setup will be delivered in approx. 15 minutes after we receive your payment.

    Webuzo is a LAMP STACK and a Single User Control Panel with simple and user-friendly GUI.Only this control panel from start have integrated Softaculous AutoInstaller with 310+ scripts and 1115 PHP Classes and still adding more.Webuzo Control Panel is designed as single user control panel and that means that you can not create multiple user accounts as with other control panels.At Webuzo Control Panel server you can hold an unlimited number of websites as an additional domains in the same user account. It is very easy for use and with many features. Read more about Webuzo and check DEMO on

    Per your request,after initial setup of your server is finished we can :

    • Transfer your websites from old server to new READ MORE
    • Install more than 300 scripts such as Joomla,Wordpress,PrestaShop etc.. READ MORE
    • Set up graphical monitoring for your server READ MORE
    • Initial security hardening READ MORE
    • Setup AUTOMATIC backup of your scripts READ MORE
    • Setup AUTOMATIC upgrade of your scripts READ MORE
    • AND much more...
      Click Here
      to see what is included in our Basic Managed Support



    Click here to check all features on our XEN Virtual Private Servers or order directly from this forum:

    - MINI VPS -
    • 512 MB RAM memory
    • 10 GB SAS HDD
    • 1 TB Bandwith
    • 1 Gbit/s connection
    • 1 IP
    • Webuzo PREMIUM Control Panel
    • 24/7 Managed Support

    PRICE: $14.95 /Per month ORDER NOW

    - START VPS -
    • 1 GB RAM memory
    • 20 GB SAS HDD
    • 2 TB Bandwith
    • 1 Gbit/s connection
    • 1 IP
    • Webuzo PREMIUM Control Panel
    • 24/7 Managed Support

    PRICE: $29.95 /Per month ORDER NOW

    • 2 GB RAM memory
    • 40 GB SAS HDD
    • 4 TB Bandwith
    • 1 Gbit/s connection
    • 1 IP
    • Webuzo PREMIUM Control Panel
    • 24/7 Managed Support

    PRICE: $59.95 /Per month ORDER NOW

    • 4 GB RAM memory
    • 80 GB SAS HDD
    • 8 TB Bandwith
    • 1 Gbps connection
    • 1 IP
    • Webuzo PREMIUM Control Panel
    • 24/7 Managed Support

    PRICE: $119.95 /Per month ORDER NOW


    Q: Payment rules?
    Ans: All our renewal invoices will be sent on 1st in month.Your first invoice when you start using our service will be PRO-rata calculated to next 1st in month.

    Q: Which payment methods you accept?
    Ans: We accept PayPal and Skrill.

    Q: Does WebuzoHosting charge any setup fees?
    Ans: We do not charge for any setup fee on our VPS or Dedicated servers.

    Q: Does WebuzoHosting require service contracts?
    Ans: No, our Dedicated Servers and VPS are billed month-to-month.

    Q: Cancelation rules?
    Ans: You must cancel your service before 20th in month or you will be billed for next month.

    Q: Do you provide remote reboot and re-install OS in client control panel?
    Ans: Yes, on our website in client control area you have remote control options over your VPS.

    Q: Where are your servers located?
    Ans: Our servers are located in Paris (France) in modern ILIAD Datacenter.Iliad group have 14 years of experience in hosting business and more than 60.000 m2 of computer rooms in France.We have more than 200 Gbit/s external internet connection.

    Test IP:
    Test File 600 Mb: DOWNLOAD

    Open Ticket
    or Contact US
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    █ INSTANT Managed XEN VPS and Dedicated Servers with Webuzo Premium Control Panel
    █ Brand name servers HP and DELL | DDoS protection | 99.9% Uptime | CloudStats monitoring | 24x7x365 Managed Support | Satisfaction Guarantee

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