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    How hard is it to get opendkim to work with webmin?

    The latest issue with opendkim after spending days on it is this
    Feb 2 05:31:15 host opendkim[28302]: can't load key from /etc/opendkim/keys/default: No such file or directory
    Feb 2 05:31:15 host opendkim[28302]: E5A0464135C: error loading key ''
    Feb 2 05:31:15 host postfix/cleanup[6821]: E5A0464135C: milter-reject: END-OF-MESSAGE
    I have tried to correct it and so have my hosts SolaDrive but it still doesn't work, its now 2 weeks since I have ordered and got my server and I can't even get opendkim to work.
    Has anyone else had issues using Webmin? Should I change to Plesk which SolaDrive say they can config far easier than the trouble they are having with Webmin?

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    I changed /etc/opendkim/keys/default to actually point to a default key in the KeyTable or if no KeyTable then in the opendkey.conf and then changed the default file attributes for that domain key folder to 700.
    Then I stopped and restarted opendkim with the command { server opendkim start }
    Problem solved I hope.
    but should I remain with webmin or go to plesk?

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