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    [LA] Only 1 In Stock!! E3-1240v2 - 4x 1TB w/ BBU - 32GB DDR3 RAM - $150

    The offer for today include the highest quality and latest hardware. We only have 1 of the server in stock. This server comes with a premium 1Gbps network port which is backed by multiple upstream providers and redundant Cisco routers. Here at McMyHost, we believe in helping you, the client by providing any service that you may need at affordable prices. If you want something that isn't mentioned here, submit a ticket We don't bite.

    1 In Stock! Located in ColoCrossing LA

    Intel® Quad Core E3 Processor: 8 x 3.40 GHz CPU
    • 32GB DDR3 RAM
    • 4x 1TB in RAID 10 w/ BBU
    • 10TB @ 1Gbps
    • /29 IPv4 (5 Usable)
    • All Linux Distributions
    • SuperMicro Chassis
    • Pre Secured*(Optional)

    $150 Per Month + No Setup Fee / Just 1 in Stock

    * What is Pre Secured?

    1. Root Login Disabled (A 2nd user with sudo access is given)
    2. SSH Port Changed (This has both positive and negative effects)
    3. OpenVZ Container Virtualization (Helps minimize damage if something goes wrong)
    4. Fail2Ban or Equivalent installed

    Get in Touch
    Email - [email protected]
    Submit Ticket - Here

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    I've forgotten to mention that this server will be setup within 1 day.

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    Can you include /26 IP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wcdservers View Post
    Can you include /26 IP?
    We can't include it for free, but you can contact our sales team to discuss pricing.

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