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    Thumbs down OVH and their dreadful support team

    I have left to expire and completely forgot to back up the data from it. So simply requested they could reactivate the server for an hour and then remove so they could take back to the system. I had problem previously and they reactivated it for two days and there we're no problems at all that time.

    However this time I have been put through hell. I'll let you have read of the ticket logs

    I was stuck also waiting for 20 minutes on hold waiting to be put through to a supervisor as I felt during the tickets the rep was being rather rude.

    So during this ordeal I decided to post on the OVH forum, as you can probably gather by the
    By the way my posting messages on the forum, is not nice.

    So here is the link to the forum post

    To cut the chase the OVH rep, decided to share my details of past servers to the entire forum.

    What do you guy's think I should do?


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    Quote Originally Posted by GH-Chris View Post
    What do you guy's think I should do?
    Always get your data off servers before a termination deadline..?

    It's not OVH's fault you cancelled a server and left important stuff on it.

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    You've said yourself you had an extension in the past, I don't think its unfair to unsuspend a server that's overdue on payment, I wouldn't. It's up to you to secure your data before the due date, if you fail to do so, that's your problem, not theirs.
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    Honestly I think that OVH has been kind enough to provide you with an extension. Although it would have been great for them to give you another extension, they were under no obligation to do so. As such, they didn't oblige to give you the extension.

    I can also see how the OVH support rep may have at least rubbed you the wrong way--I certainly got that feeling too. But remember that OVH is a big budget brand; as such, they have to enforce their policies. If not, they'd be an even bigger magnet for abusers and abandonment of servers.

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    OVH handled this just fine honestly. Not to be rude but you shouldn't expect to get your data off of a server that is suspended due to non-payment.

    Individuals should always back up their data first of all, that's a obvious move.

    But if you're not going to pay your server in-time, OVH has the right to recycle and sell to someone else ordering the server. If you gave them a heads up BEFORE your due date that payment might be a little late, that would be a different story.

    You're lucky honestly you got one extension, but that should have been a lesson to keep regular backups of your data...

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    I will give an honest answer from an Account Manager(as that is what I am). Due to your history with OVH with the "Abandoned" servers plus the extension they previously gave you brings them to a point where they have to put their foot down mainly due to the fact you had previous servers that were cancelled and 1 refunded. It looks to me that they are making a statement and wants you to stay for good, or find a new host. Why so many cancelled, and abandoned servers? That's not my business, but from the companies standpoint that's something you like to avoid if possible, or at least find out what the issues is on the abandoned servers. This way maybe they could fix it and you could be a long time customer. With that being said I will always give someone an option to get their data. Whether it's a favor, free, or a small fee... depending on the situation, but the end result is that the customer will have an option to get the data if it is still there. It's at what price? Basically in a nutshell this is being done to end a business relationship between yourself, and OVH once and for all. Maybe I am wrong but from my perspective it seems like that is the case. If you keep on them they will most likely provide a way to get your data. Just don't stop trying.

    So my advice on what you should do is keep trying, keep calling, emailing, submitting tickets. If the data is there they you should be able to get it. Don't go crazy but use your point of contacts and resources that you have to communicate with them, and keep pushing to get the data.

    I hope you get your data. I know it is something that is really important, and I personally don't like to put a business(any client) in a bind over something so simple. The server could most likely be back online within 1 minute so why not just go ahead let customer get data, and go you separate ways. Good Luck
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    The blame falls with only one person and it isn't OVH.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GH-Chris View Post
    What do you guy's think I should do?


    This is the fifth server you've abandoned. If you don't treat others with respect, don't be surprised if they don't go out of their way to help you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hhw View Post
    This is the fifth server you've abandoned. If you don't treat others with respect, don't be surprised if they don't go out of their way to help you.
    I agree with this. You must have been marked as fraud already for abandoning server for the 5th times.
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    Yeah....The only person at fault is you, not OVH

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    Quote Originally Posted by randombling View Post
    Yeah....The only person at fault is you, not OVH
    Indeed. The thread title should be changed. It's not fair for OVH.
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    i doesnnt see OVH fraud here
    its like alucasa signature said " It doesn't matter how much you claim how important your data is. If it's not backed up, it's not important."
    hope mods change the tittle

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    lol you want ovh to boot up a server you haven't paid for? Personally I wouldn't do that even the FIRST time unless you paid for another minimum term (1 month) and any arrears - and it cannot be guaranteed that the data would be available for OVH either, they're a budget provider with probably large amounts of orders so free servers would be recycled.

    The title needs to be changed, it's not fair that anyone can just attack a company and give them a bad wrap when it clearly isn't their fault.

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    I think you should drop the sense of entitlement.

    OVH has gone beyond what a BUDGET provider should offer and have already given you an extension prior.
    Why should they provide technical support and consume manpower/electricity/etc. to power on a server that's not even being paid for?

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    Read the ticket and laughed my ass off. Thank god I didn't get accepted to work for OVHs local support branch, seems they now prefer to outsource customer support from india at 2$/hour who can barely write in English.

    Outstanding example of the customer support, lucky up to this day I refuse to buy any services from OVH.
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    Frankly, This one must go to OVH. Infact Im surprised by this "Extension" event; as the low cost servers they have been providing ( until now ) Its really amazing to know that they stand with the client and extend payment dates.. gr8.

    The OP must understand that given the Huge Demand of OVH Servers, and the fact that they did their part well.. one cant really expect more from them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GH-Chris View Post
    I have left to expire and completely forgot to back up the data from it.
    Simply said: YOUR fault. Deal with it and move on.
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