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    Need Some Help with File Sharing Site I run

    So I run its a simple site I provide a few users with FTP access to upload too. Also I mirror files for people so they dont have to use free slow hosts and in return I make revenue off my AD`s

    Anyway I need a Suggestion on maybe a new PHP directory listing script or something cause my BW usage spiked last month 27TB! and so far in a 12 hour period today I`ve used 600GB of BW! So I need something I can maybe monitor the Downloads with better like a better script cheap or free. I have had this HUGE increase of BW with NO increase of ad revune so something is going on.

    Maybe something with a way to stop hotlinking if possible.

    but looking for a good PHP directory listing script for downloads or something simular.

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    Looking at the site, I don't get it. Is it something with a idea like this If so, you probably have a lot of warez users. In that case you have to put up with it or close down. It goes with the territory of mirroring files.

    f that's not it than I don't understand the concept.
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    No... NOT anyone can just upload. Only me and certain people can. Its not warez its legal phone dev files. Only time people can upload to it is if I create them an ftp account.

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