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    Looking for paid help to migrate from VPS to Cloud

    I'm looking to pay someone to help migrate my vps sites to a cloud vps.

    There are approx 80 sites but the new cloud service will migrate 20 across. These are all small sites. So would just need 60 moving across.

    I would need help in making sure all the clients emails work
    and everything is working as it should.

    The current VPS uses direct admin.

    There maybe needed some support for a short time after with clients email issues.

    Ideally I would like this done overnight asap (I'm in UK).

    If you can let me know a ballpark figure or an hourly rate would be great!

    I'd also like the person to be available via skype or gtalk.


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    OK! I'll email now!

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    Sent email with offer
    Sam - Expertise in Windows/Linux server support, IaaS and PaaS Management - Custom Software Development
    Email: exec @ | Skype: unni_active

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