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    Even low competitive keywords don't rank

    Hello everyone,

    I have a website for health and wellness I will mention

    Most of the keywords it has are low or medium competitive like- digital health and wellness, diabetes management guidelines, etc. I am regularly publishing blogs on health and fitness but still I dont get traffic. The blogs are updated regularly by experts in this field.

    I am not doing directory or SBM. I am active on social media sites, got some guest blog approved, few articles on ezine and have also been sharing article.

    So please suggest me something I am missing in the site or some SEO activities which can help my site as I already know most of the SEO strategies.
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    Yes, it is not always easy to rank every low competition keyword. If you are already doing SEO wait for more time to see the results.
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    Backlinks improves your page rank on google try to give more backlinks, if you are targeting low competition keyword you will get your SEO result soon.
    SEO takes time. sudden increase in backlinks will not work.

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    For getting traffic over your site, you must post some quality content. After the recent updates of the Google quantity work is of no more use, now you have to focus on the quality work. Post less number of blogs, but with quality content also do directory and SBM only on the best sites.

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    I have the same problem

    I also have the problem that my keywords don't rank but with 5 months I am quite new in the business so I think it just takes more time.

    I also focus on writing quality content. Be persistent and the success will come, for both of us ;-)

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    If you have quality you probably need to add quantity. Try adding more backlinks to your site from different sources. Check how many backlinks the top link has - that is your target

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    I could surely give you some SEO advice as I have been doing work for my own sites and clients and I have ranked websites #1 position for competitive keywords without all this mumbo jumbo people talk about "quality content" lol! That is a joke.

    You don't actually need a bunch of content to rank highly for good keywords but it does help and may provide a better experience for your users. You just have to get the formula just right! I can show you some sites ranking very well to prove it and they have been holding their positions for a long time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cisanupam View Post
    So please suggest me something I am missing in the site or some SEO activities which can help my site as I already know most of the SEO strategies.
    Knowing them is not enough, you have to work hard to get anywhere.

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    yeah thats right guys...

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