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    Boxintense Review

    Hello WebHostingTalk members,

    I have been a longg lurker and this is my first thread here, therefore to mod, please transfer this thread if I'm posting it in the wrong section. I am a blogger and e-commerce's website owner, I started my journey in hosting by using a few shared hosting that I found here on WebHostingTalk, hawkhost. A few months ago, I outgrew my shared hosting, therefore I am looking for an upgrade options to handle my web traffic. After some readings in this forum, I concluded that a managed vps would be a good-fit for me.

    I'm looking for a recommendation and reviews through WHT, shot a few pre-sales enquiries here and there, and decided to try's service. Right now, I'm only at the 4th month with them but I can say in confidence, they DO provide a fantastic service! A few points worth mentioning are:

    Website Load Time: 10/10
    Ever since I'm with boxintense, my website loads incredibly fast. I'm not sure what they did but it definitely help me to gain larger visitor-base! Well, people love fast website don't they

    Support Service: 10/10
    Only opened 2 support tickets with them so far, all of them are replied in about 30 minutes. This is the part I'm hoping that they could increase to like 10-15 minutes, but 30 minute for a detailed response is good enough for me. Up until now, all issues I had were fixed in a very timely manners. Nice job from BoxIntense's support team, please keep up the good work!

    One more thing worth mentioning in regard to support is that the owner is reachable via instant messaging (I use Yahoo Messenger) and always keen to help.

    Control Panel: 9.5/10
    Recently they launched their new billing system. Since I really like it, I decided to highlight it in this review. It is featureful, intuitive and very easy to use (despite there are still a few bugs that I found in it). As soon as the bugs are all fixed, it's 10 point for them!

    Price: 9/10
    They are not the cheapest provider out there, but it is understandable since they seem to target premium users instead of budgets. I do feel that I'm still getting a pretty good service for the price I'm paying.

    All-around scores: 9.5/10
    They are a great provider, and I couldn't be happier with my decision to try them. All I do hope is that it will stay that way in the future.

    So far my experience with them has been flawless, therefore I can whole-heartedly recommend their service for anyone whose in need of a good managed vps provider.

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