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    * Google, trading at $1,180.97, kept it's site simple. Yahoo trading sadly at $36.01... bloated with greed. Yahoo has been in a decline for years, but now under Marissa Mayer since July 2012, it’s decline has gotten steeper. The site loads slow due to the tons of ads and third party cookies, and it's email service broke multiple times on her watch. Makes you wonder if she’s incompetent or a trojan.

    Marissa held key roles at Google, which also included the layout of Google's well-known unadorned search homepage. Why doesn't she simplify Yahoo?
    I'm not saying she sould turn it into Google, but to make the experience pleasant, and not an eyesore that breaks the site!

    Once the site is fixed, going Mobile will be easy. If Yahoo sucks on a PC, no one would waste their time using a Yahoo app on their phone.

    Do you think Marissa will get it together, or is she a plant?
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    She is not a plant, but I think she is in over her head here, it was a big step up and she wasn't ready. She came from success at Google and hadn't had to deal with needing to turn something around, so one can't really blame her for the problems and not having the solutions.

    the needed, and still today need a turnaround artist, get it moving forward then someone like her to take over and bring it up.

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    > Why doesn't she simplify Yahoo?

    Because that's a terrible idea. Yahoo and google hold different market segments. There are people who want all the information up front and there are people who want simple interface. Yahoo holds the people who want stuff up front. If they change to simplified, then they'd lose their remaining customers for an uncertain question of if they'll even be able to steal google's. Pissing off what little you have is the worst move a business can do.

    Single stock price is meaningless for comparison. If google does a 2 way split, they'd be worth 590.48 each and each share holders would have two times more share count. They can keep doing that, or in reverse, merge shares for even higher pricing point. But that doesn't mean the company value has changed.

    Microsoft did 9 splits since becoming public. 7 of 2:1 splits and 2 of 3:2 splits. Microsoft is currently at 37.84 per share. If they never did any splits, they'd be worth $10,897.92 per share. Does that mean they're doing 288 times better? No.

    You're comparing wrong values here.
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