I'm selling a pack of designs, with the pack you will receive:
- Original PSDs (templates, logos, etc.)

Design 1 - A Red/Light Gray business hosting template
- 1 HTML page
- CSS files
- Fully operational CSS3 main dropdown menu
- Fully working Javascript sub-page menu
- Unique design


Design 2 - A Blue/Black/White hosting template (geared towards colocation)
- HTML pages (Home, Sub, About Us)
- CSS files
- Fully operational CSS3 navigation/dropdown menu
- Fully working banner/slider for HTML content (i.e. server promotion)
- Includes a PSD verticle ad (was meant for WHT and various other sites)
- Unique Design


Design 3 - A Red/White/Black design template (geared more towards web dev / design / game hosting)
- HTML page
- CSS files
- Unique design


Note: I am sorry for poor quality pictures, as I state, I do not have a computer any longer and was only able to capture screenshots of the live versions from my cellphone.

All templates include CSS3 in it, design 1 is the most complete and most work ia already done.

As stated, these are unique templates, all of which were never before shown nor sold, and never live online.

BUY NOW: $ 200

I think the price is fair for whats given, and what could be the turn around, as I was planning to create a complete site with design 1 (main site, mobile version, integrations, etc.) and could easily have been worth $300 alone.

I also have a domain that I can throw in which is also unique (colocated.ca)

Reason I am selling these is because me and my family have other things to tend to in life right now, as well as not having a computer. These will most likely never get finished by me, and will do someone better.

Payment via PayPal (Verified), I will consider offers but please do not low ball me.

Files will be transferred by email once payment is recieved in full.

Contact me via PM if you would like to buy them, discuss, or would just like more information.