LiquidVPNis proud to announce the long awaited v2 client and website has gone live earlier this week. The VPN service has gotten a major upgrade with the introduction of v2. One of the most exciting new features is an option IPS firewall for subscribers of the "Road Warrior" and "Family" plans. This IPS firewall bridges the security gap users may experience when bypassing their router in favor of the VPN connection.

Another big milestone was reached with v2 of the LiquidVPN service. That is the latest iteration of the IP Modulation technology offered exclusively at LiquidVPN. With v2 of IP modulation users experience speeds of up to 500% faster then v1 making this technology a more attractive solution to the average user. LiquidVPN was already the only VPN service offering all three types of VPN connections. The three commonplace connections are shared IP, dynamic public IP and static IP.

LiquidVPN's CEO David Cox recently did an audio interview for the popular UK industry blog VPNCompare that specializes in unbiased VPN reviews and VPN provider news. In the interview Dave and interviewer Chris talk about internet privacy in today's post Snowden climate and about the tendency for VPN services to make false claims about their logging policy. The interview is over 40 minutes in length and provides an insight into LiquidVPN, IP modulation and much more.