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    Help! Need to block china from server

    these chinese spammer/hackers are driving me NUTS! I've tried all kinds of htaccess options to block china, and none have worked. Here is a sampling of the offending ip addresses. Maybe they are too new to be in the existing lists or something. Can someone help me out?

    that doesn't work unfortunately it seems like ... here are some of the offending ip addresses: any other ideas?

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    it is ShenZhen Sunrise Technology Co.,Ltd apparently

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    Try to block it in your firewall if you have access to change setting - Managed and Unmanaged Virtual & Dedicated Server|XenServer Windows & Linux VPS
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    i don't - i'm on rackspace cloud sites

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    You can try to get the CN ip address list in cidr format and block it using htaccess.

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    I suppose you could stick the bulk of them into the .htaccess if you have no other way to get at them.

    If you want to block 202.46.ALL.ALL, the CIDR would be and you'd just add that range to the existing list. I'm not sure which .htaccess methods you've attempted so far but this is one you can try if you need to.
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    You can do this with CSF

    Look for CC_DENY in the conf file.
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    why not use mod geoip or simple php-geoip, get maxmind geoip database and block the whole of china ?
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    If you do a block of it should fix the problem since it seems to only be segregated to that /16 block. Blocking the whole /16 might be excessive. But if the traffic is useless to you anyway, it might save a headache

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    If you're being specifically targeted by that IP range, they'll likely just pop up under a new IP after you block the original range. Addressing the vulnerabilities they're seeking to exploit would be better. If it's a client site and you can't make the appropriate upgrades, it'd definitely be worth your time implementing a robust set of mod_security rules.
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    It is much preferable to block the offending IPs in your firewall or even better in your provider's firewall so requests from them never even reach your application.

    Why not talk to rackspace and see if they can block the IP range towards your resource?

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    If you are using cloudlfare/incapsula you can also block specific countries from the panel

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    Those are Baidu crawlers ... what exactly are they doing to your site
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    I suggest using Open Source firewalls in your cloud and pass through all the traffic through that firewall,

    There are solutions like threatstop which allow you to block the traffic based on source
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    Since it is not possible to use CSF or any other firewall on CloudSites, you're pretty limited in what you can do.

    One very effective way to block entire countries is with CloudFlare. You can enter a country (CN, RU, VN, etc) in the threat page and visitors the entire country will be presented with a CAPTCHA page. Those spammers are almost certainly bots so they will go away.

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