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    Hyper-V on Dedicated Server

    Dual Intel Xeon 5639
    2.13Ghz - 2 Processors
    12 Cores / 24 Threads
    24GB DDR3 RAM
    2TB SATA|| 7200RPM
    1Gb Dedicated Port.
    Windows Server 2008 R2 64-Bit Standard Edition.

    I have configured HYPER-V on this server. Right now i have added few virtual machine on this HYPER-V server.
    Configuration of all VM are as follows.
    Windows server 2003 Standard Edition.
    512MB Ram
    max 10GB space required for each VM.

    Hyper-V Settings:
    1]No. of logical processor - 1
    2]Virtual Machine Reserve(%) - 0
    3]% of total system resources - 0
    4]Virtual Machine Limit(%)- 100
    5]% of total system resources - 4

    When I run more than 10VM on my single SATA II 7200RPM. Applications running slow on each VM. Each VM using just 60% max of 1 logical processor & max 50% ram utilization. Still application running slow on each VM when I run more than 10VM. I have concluded that it is cause of high IOPS from each VM to my single SATA II. Will single SSD is enough to run 20VMs? Or do I need 5 SSD in RAID?

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    Sata2 can't make it especially if you are running Windows.

    SSD is better of course but still depend on how heavy each vps you put.
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    I do believe SSD is the best thing IMHO.
    I'd use it.

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    One 240gb or 2x120gb ssd should work fine as I have several servers running like this

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