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    * Soyoustart SYS Widnows Server 2008

    Hello Everyone,
    I Just bought a Server From SYS (SYS-E32-3) and Actually It was delivered in 1 hour i was surprised how fast they delivered it
    I ordered it to install windows server 2008 on it
    before i Buy I made sure that they support windows in the page of the server offer:
    but after I added the key successfully:
    and went to the install page I didn't find but These windows versions:
    I tried the Hyper-v version and of course it has no explorer and no server manager
    So If anyone can help me with that I would be very grateful
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    OK I contacted support and they told me to wait few hours after the key is verified and now I Found the Windows I need
    Thank you WHT
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    Please Close That Thread
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