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    [Login Popup] En Espanol

    ¿Sabe que Web Hosting Talk tiene una comunidad hispana?

    WHT España
    Así es,
    ¡Hágase miembro de WebHostingTalk España hoy y esté al tanto de problemáticas, oportunidades y empresas en el mundo del hosting web!

    ¡Lléveme a WebHostingTalk España!

    I am getting a popup for this every once in a while logging in, after I have been auto logged out. I am visiting from a residential IP and one I use frequently.

    It links here: | Tennessee Based Hosting Provider.
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    It would be best if you could contact us at the helpdesk about this, please, so that we can forward your ticket on to the devs that can fix it.
    There's no such thing as an unmanaged server - It's actually self-managed. Worth remembering next time you're looking for someone to complain to.
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    Angry Hágase miembro de WebHostingTalk España

    Please Web Hosting Talk, could you remove this pop up?

    I am getting this anoying popup all the time because I use an IP from Spain.

    But I am NOT interested in this Spanish Comunity. Web Hosting Talk must find another way to publicity this site (a dead site, by the way, with no future)

    Thank you.

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    I think same, the only way to eliminate this popup is using firefox extensions or login as user.

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    I live in France and still get that popup

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