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    Power consumption of a HP Proliant C7000

    Is anyone currently running these blade systems? Do you mind sharing the power consumption of systems with 8 or 16 blades and what gen you are using? I'm looking into low wattage processors and SSDs to cut down on power usage but some quick searches on Google lead me to show people saying they were consuming 3KW+. Their marketing shows it as more power efficient than rack servers but 3KW+ would be plenty more than 16 standard rack servers.

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    This is hard to answer because it will vary greatly based on usage.

    Here's 3 of ours as an example:

    C7000 - 11 Half Height Blades (1xG7, 3xG6, 7xG5)
    Average Observed Power Consumption: 2368.10 Watts

    C7000 - 13 Half Height Blades (6xG7, 7xG6)
    Average Observed Power Consumption: 2213.31 Watts

    C7000 - 15 Half Height Blades (5xG7, 10xG6)
    Average Observed Power Consumption: 1557.90 Watts

    Having more blades doesn't necessarily mean more power consumption, again this depends on your environment and your usage. If you had it full with 8 FH, or 16 HH blades all using peak usage then you could be reaching into the 5KW+ usage no problem.
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