Whether you already own a web hosting business or are thinking of starting one - this is the PERFECT domain for your next project! UplinkWeb is not only pronounceable, it's easy to remember and makes perfect sense within the web hosting industry!

About UplinkWeb.com

  • Registered with GoDaddy since 2002!
  • DMOZ Listed under Hosting category (Verify Here)
  • Previously Developed Hosting Website
  • 20 Million Alexa Ranking
  • About 1-2 Uniques per day (Verify Here)
  • Already indexed in Google

The History of UplinkWeb.com
I purchased this domain in auction several months back when the previous owner didn't renew it. However, the previous owner had a hosting company on this domain at one point and the domain is already listed on several hosting review websites. The previous owner even had a Facebook page dedicated to this domain (NOTE: The Facebook page is NOT included with the sale because I do not own it).. View Here

Some Web Hosting Review Sites the Domain is Listed on

Forum Posts of the Previous Owner Discussing UplinkWeb.com
WebHostingTalk Thread 1
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The Current Development of UplinkWeb.com
If you visit the domain you will notice I currently have a hosting website on there. This is a turnkey website that is all automated through a reseller company I use and it is NOT included with the sale. However, I will gladly show the new owner how they can get setup with the reseller company and have this exact same website put up under their own reseller account. They can then begin reselling web hosting and not have to pay server fees..etc.

Why Purchase UplinkWeb.com
This is the perfect domain for your next hosting project. It's already listed on several websites, already has some traffic coming in, and is aged so your hosting company doesn't look like you just registered the domain last week.

BIN set at just $150