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    WHMCS and Reseller club domain registration

    Hey guys,

    I have a quick question about WHMCS and reseller club domain registration.

    Do you have to have the funds in your account to register a domain through the whmcs reseller club plugin?

    Why I am asking is that I run a very small web development business on the side. I have a client that wants to register 3 separate domains for 3 years and get the .net .com and .org with each domain. I just don't have enough to cover it. Will the WHMCS reseller club addon let the client purchase and the money goes directly to them without me having to have the funds in my reseller club account?

    If not is there a domain reseller that will let you do this?

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    No i didn't see any domain reseller who do that, you must have to add funds first then your clients can register domains from WHMCS.
    Why you don't say them to register themselves as you want them to pay directly, so it is best choice.

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    You must have funds account at Reseller club to register domains.

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    Its Your Funds that are used for registration. You will need to have the Funds > Combined CP of the 3 domains.

    Other wise, the System will try to register and Your Reseller Club Account will Show the Unregistered Domains ( Which had failed due to insufficient funds ).

    You Can Do this Atleast ( If the Client Agrees to register some domain later ) :

    Make the Domain Registration setting in WHMCS to Manual
    Then Register 1/2 Domains ( For which you may have the funds )

    Atleast You wont loose the client.
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    Thanks guys, will defiantly keep this in mind next time I have this problem! It was a local person, so I just got them to pay before I registered 300$ in domains.

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    Always good to have them pay first then use their funds. Just tell whmcs not to auto issue the domain.

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