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    Thumbs up Web Hosting Company (cPanel+VPS+(Dedicated) - Europe) for sale

    Web hosting company founded by myself in 2007 (6 years ago) when I was 13 years old. I am now 19 years old, in full time study at university and no longer have the time to run and develop the business further to reach the full potential it truly has. I have been at university since October 2012 and as expected, during this time the business growth has declined very slightly. Prior to this, however, it has had year on year growth.

    General Information

    o Estimated annual income given by WHMCS is about £46,000 (about $77,000).
    o The entire company including branding, website (impressive web design), access to all currently rented/maintained servers, domain names etc. is available for sale (IDEAL!)
    o Mostly linux cPanel web hosting clients with hosting, resellers or master resellers (using low cost WHMPHP software)
    o Mostly UK based client base, who are expecting European location for servers
    o WHMCS license is leased
    o Appealing web design with WHMCS integration included
    o Originally a young peer group client base (likely to be ‘clients for life’)
    o Privately developed Onebip WHMCS SMS payments module allows acceptance of payments via Onebip (SMS globally) included
    o Privately developed Glpayments WHMCS SMS payments system allows acceptable of payment via Glpayments (SMS & Landline from the UK) included
    o Currently provide 24/7 support via myself, one other UK based freelance technician and then an India based outsourced support agency
    o No adult content
    o No illegal activity on any clients
    o Support provided by email/WHMCS ticket system only
    o No spending on marketing/advertisements, purely word of mouth + free forum posts
    o Available to discuss sale over email and/or Skype

    Operating Activities

    • cPanel Web Hosting
    o Server are rented and currently located in France
    o 411GB total of cPanel hosting data, less than 200GB monthly bandwidth usage
    • Linux OpenVZ VPS
    o Approximately 20 OpenVZ VPS clients on SolusVM
    o 26 IPs, 12.4GB RAM, Less than 2TB monthly bandwidth used, less than 200GB disk space used
    • Domain Names
    o Highest tier Domain Resellers with Resellerclub and
    o Chain of sub-reseller clients (63 of which have added funds – not included in WHMCS) under Resellerclub reseller
    o Over 1,000 registered domain names on behalf of clients
    • Dedicated Servers
    o Resold directly from
    o Willing to exclude these from sale

    Other Relevant Information on the Web Host

    • Why do clients use us?
    o One of the core founding principles of our business was to provide a completely reliable hosting service. I originally helped friends to manage and design their websites, and found that the web hosts they were using all seemed to be unreliable. Unable to recommend a reliable web host, I decided to provide a web hosting service myself. This developed into the business we are today, and through providing reliable services and good customer support, it has grown mainly through word-of-mouth recommendation to what it is today.
    o We provide generous hosting packages at low prices, however, customers NEVER use all of the resources they pay for
    • Why do clients renew their services with us?
    o We continually provide high levels of uptime, usually 100%
    o We are both fast and effective in dealing with support queries: we consistently provide a response within a reasonable amount of time and are as thorough as possible in dealing with customer concerns

    We can consider selling business segments, for instance, we would be willing to retain our dedicated server business only with an appropriate non-compete clause for the other areas.

    Sale by sealed bidding. We will provide confirmation and feedback on your bidding position through the process.

    Please PM me or email [email protected] for full information (upon signed NDA).

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    what are the operational costs currently?

    what price are you asking?

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    Further information will be provided upon signing the NDA.

    I have received offers of different structures so I am considering all offers at the moment.


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    Please send a NDA to acquisitions @

    We'd like to discuss this with you.
    〓〓 Locations: Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami and Atlanta!!
    〓〓 andrew.moore[at]

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    Quote Originally Posted by 123Andrew View Post
    Please send a NDA to acquisitions @

    We'd like to discuss this with you.
    Sent, thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slice16 View Post
    Please can you send an NDA to commercial[at]

    Your email address bounced... do you have another?

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    please send NDA to info@

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    We are a small reseller looking to grow thru acquisition. Please can you send the NDA to strumdude at


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    Quote Originally Posted by webhostsale1 View Post
    Your email address bounced... do you have another?

    Sorry, I have only just seen this reply. Please send to paul.sanders[at]

    We did have some email issues after a DNS name change which have now been resolved.



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