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    Question Which Platform to choose for MCQ site

    Hello WHT.

    I am building a MCQ site for my speciality and i was thinking of using Moodle for it. I have no experience in any platform except blogger and some drupal from youtube videos only. I consider myself expert in but a MCQ site cannot be built on it. What should i choose to complete my task? Thanks.

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    I have searched google and there is one more option limesurvey? is it good?

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    Ok searched a little more, should i choose Wordpress with some quiz plugin to make a MCQ site? Will it be SEO?

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    Why, what's wrong with Moodle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gingir View Post
    Why, what's wrong with Moodle?
    Is Moodle good at SEO? Also how user friendly moodle for a newbie and hobbyist?

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    Yes. Moodle is SEO friendly. For newbie and hobbyist, Moodle is good because it is an LMS (learning management system) that best supports if you want to built an MCQs based site.

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