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    Disaster recovery in the Linux world.

    In the Windows world I can rebuild and restore a server with several terabytes in less than a day. Even parts can be shipped by Dell and HP within 4 hours.

    To me, downtime of 2 days in the Linux hosting world seems to be too long. I would imagine that hosting companies would have spare parts and at least 1 spare server on site.

    One recently reported failure on this site seems to blame the backup software for the delay.

    I know of Idera (R1Soft) and Bacula for the Linux world. Are they considered enterprise solutions? Are there other enterprise backup solutions that should be considered?

    Thanks for your input.

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    I found that the Windows players operate in the Linux world as well.

    Backup Exec
    Storix SBAdmin
    Backup Express

    I don’t know if the rest are enterprise quality but they include

    Networker Line
    Time Navigator
    Unisol Bart

    Anyway there are a lot of choices and a lot of homework for anyone that’s interested.

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    We've used R1Soft (since almost the 1st day it's been out) and have had very good luck. We use it to backup both Windows and Linux servers. We do file restores on nearly a weekly basis (customers deleting / messing up things) and we've prob. done at least a dozen full bare metal restores. It's always worked well for us. Others have had less than great luck. A lot seems to depend on your backukp server (undersized) and network (again undersized).
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    R1Soft (Now Idera) works very well. It has it's moments, but on the whole we're happy with it. The Bare-Metal Restore feature is nice too.

    With any solution, however, the way it is deployed is down to the end user - and this is where things can easily go wrong.

    As you say, a good host should have a stock of spare parts and even full replacement machines ready to go. Yes - HP, Dell, IBM, and so on all do 4 hour response contracts, but you're just opening up the possibility of external factors delaying return to service (part out of stock, courier destroying it in transit or just plain losing it, etc).

    Since you will have to attend for the new part to be fitted anyway, we've always taken the view that it's best to just have our own spares of everything. That way we can be in the DC and have the part swapped within an hour, and worry about getting an RMA or disposing of the defective gear later on.

    This also allows you to have soak-tested your spares, as even with parts brand new from the supplier it's still possible to get a DoA.

    Each disaster scenario is unique - and as mentioned above I'd be willing to bet that many major issues during such times are the result of poor/no planning. The biggest culprit being failure to regularly review and test the DR plan - DR isn't something you buy/build and leave on the shelf. Every time your business grows or changes, it's time for a new DR plan.

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    I used to use R1Soft, used to think it was great, until on one occasion we upgraded it and found it had corrupted the repository storage rendering the entire backup archive useless. Luckily we didn't have anything that needed restoring and all R1Soft suggested was to start the repository from scratch to fix the problem..

    Since then, now using DoubleTake - RecoverNow for brick-level backups of servers, and for important servers we use DoubleTake - Availability for cloning physical servers and for managing VM snapshots on hyper-v. We even offer it as a backup solution to clients, who in realtime can sync on-premise servers with like-for-like Virtual machines we host. Pricing wise, it's a bit more in-line with typical enterprise solution licensing models - but the pricing of licenses isn't too bad.
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    Thanks for relating your experiences to us guys. Yes implementation and testing along with documented procedures are very important.

    Of course an underpowered backup server would slow down the data restoration process.

    Ok, so Double Take from Vision Solutions is another product that is a possibility for enterprise backup.

    The more I look into the hosting business the more I realize there are probably 2 dozen ways to set it up with many software options. I guess that’s why many startups use the cookie cutter cpanel template. It’s straight forward and gets the job done.

    It seems to be rare to find a hosting company that innovates. The ones that do innovate seem to succeed. Of course some cookie cutter hosts succeed as well, probably due to better marketing.

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    Idera(formerly known as R1Soft)'s CDP backup solution is a very stable and mature product now, being increasingly used by many enterprise customers now.

    Unfortunately not many know about it, as the big boys such as Symantec and Veam dominate the enterprise market.

    However if you get your setup right - storage/raid arrays/compression/replication schedules etc - then it will be one of the best backup solutions you will work with.
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