Why ServerPoint?

ServerPoint.com, established in 1998 and currently managing thousands of dedicated servers as well as virtual machines, is proud to announce a special price on our popular E3 servers!

All our servers feature:

  1. We are not resellers; we operate all aspects of our company, thus, when there is an issue, our techs just walk in and fix it
  2. Fully redundant network powered by multiple core routers and core switches: 99.99% uptime guarantee
  3. FIVE network providers: Level(3), Cogent and Zayo
  4. A la carte pricing: pay only for what you need
  5. Full management options are available
  6. Remote power cycling
  7. Hiqh quality hardware with quick replacement SLAs and fully built spares on site
  8. On-site 24/7 support via phone, chat and trouble ticket
  9. The fastest server deployment; the majority of all orders are delivered within two hours

Available server management and enhancement options:

  1. Pro-active server monitoring
  2. Backup service
  3. Remote Reboot port (FREE)
  4. Priority 24/7 Support
  5. KVM over IP
  6. Managed hardware firewall
  7. A variety of drives, including 10K/15K RPM drives and SSD drives
  8. Operating systems available include Windows 2003/2008/2012, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian

Our best deal of the week!

Many more server models available!

With ServerPoint.com, you get:


ServerPoint has been in the hosting industry for over 10 years, hosting thousands of dedicated and virtual private servers, as well as tens of thousands of shared hosting clients.

We are a solid and stable company, that has never needed to rely on external sources to fund our operation. We are profitable each and every year.

ServerPoint's 10gbit Network

ServerPoint believes that everything should be built in pairs. That is why we have two, powerful, terabit capable routers to optimally route all Internet traffic. Plus, each router has its own independent uplinks to the Internet, so that if any router or uplink fails, all servers in our facility will still get access to the Internet.

ServerPoint's Support

ServerPoint guarantees that our support department will never be understaffed, allowing our expert staff to take care of your ticket within minutes, not hours or days. Our team is highly experienced and most have been with us for many years, allowing for quick resolution to any challenges that may arise.

Our Servers

Unlike most other large hosting companies, we own all servers in our facility. We do not lease them or buy them with credit, allowing us to pass on the savings to you. Not only that, but we also build all of our servers to have tighter control over the quality of parts and to pass on the savings to you.

Questions? Call us toll free at 1-888-605-6775, chat with our sales team, or email us