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    [UK/EU/USA] Pingperfect Hosting - Gameservers/Webservices/Voice/VDS's

    Pingperfect are an established Game server provider who pride ourselves on providing the very best services at cheap prices. Our global network is tuned for the very best ping no matter where you are and its growing all the time. Gives us a try today and find out why developers like Lukewarm media, Plastic Piranha and Vanson Studious choose Pingperfect for their game server requirements.


    Game Server Hosting
    - Over 60 games available
    - Worldwide network tuned for perfect pings
    - Very competitive prices
    - 24/7 Expert help
    - Support via Tickets, Xfire, Skype, Livechat

    Virtual Dedicated Servers
    - UK based
    - Very competitive prices
    - 24/7 Expert help
    - Support via Tickets, Xfire, Skype, Livechat
    - VDS's hosted on high end hardware

    Admin Bots
    - Perfect way to automatically admin your gameserver
    - hosted on the same server as your gameserver to maximize speed

    - UK based webhosting
    - Very competitive prices
    - 24/7 Expert help
    - Support via Tickets, Xfire, Skype, Livechat

    Web Design
    - contact us today for professional web design

    Why choose Pingperfect?

    - All Pingperfect Staff are gamers who want to help build communities, clans and enjoy some good old-fashioned gaming.

    - All of our staff are highly qualified in the latest technologies and have expert understanding of the all aspects of gameservers

    - 5 world wide Datacenter locations which are chosen specifically for gaming performance not costs!

    UK: London
    EU: France
    USA: St Louis / New York / Los Angeles
    Australia: Coming soon!

    - All gameservers are fully protected by our own in-house backup strategies in case you need to retrieve vital game configs.

    - All servers are on 1Gigabit Ports with unlimited traffic

    - Servers are setup within 10 minutes of receiving payments and we have a 24/7/365 support ticket system should you need to contact us.

    All servers over 2.50 GBP / 4 USD / 3 EURO come with free webhosting and mysql database

    We accept payment via PayPal (you can also pay via credit/debit card using PayPal)

    In the very unlikely event that you are not happy with our gameservers, all of our gameservers come with a 48 hour 100% money back guarantee
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