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    * Cloud Storage at LOWEST Market Prices Ever

    We are proud to announce Webzilla Instant Files, our premium object storage service suitable both for website static hosting and backup storage.

    Our competitors - Amazon, Rackspace or Microsoft - charge TWICE as much for the same service Webzilla Instant Files provides. We offer our customers piece of mind knowing that all their data is stored with triple redundancy on an enteprise-level system. We natively support Openstack Swift (Rackspace-like) API and allow easy integration tools for S3 users as well. FTP access is also provided.

    For website static we offer high-performance SSD cache, CDN integration and full-featured SSL support. For backup storage, we offer backup tools for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD, supporting incremental backups and data encryption.

    We want to earn your trust and prove to you that Webzilla Instant Files is the BEST choice for your website static and data backup storage needs. For a limited time we are proud to offer a special discount of 20% off for storage and 50% off for traffic. With this offer, you will have prices as low as 3.2 cents for 1 GB storage and 1.5 cents for 1 GB traffic. In addition, when you join now to take advantage of these special prices, we will ensure these rates remain the same for the lifetime of your subscription with us.

    Don't waste another moment! Sign up at This offer is for limited time only and will expire on Feb, 7, 2014.

    The promo code to use for this offer is "WHTSPECIAL". Spread the word and share the savings with your friends and colleagues.
    Dedicated Servers in Europe and Asia:

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    It would be good to know where the servers are located. And have link to some test file to check download speed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vivid Vortex View Post
    It would be good to know where the servers are located. And have link to some test file to check download speed.
    At this moment we offer two zones in two regions. One in Amsterdam, Netherlands and second one in Dallas, TX.

    There is a possibility to setup an automatic data syncing between zones/regions, so your data will be stored in 6 copies across two contents.

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