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  1. #1 issue with "chargeback" fee

    I tried to contact them several times, but they just ignore my mails. They only send me one "stupid" mail.

    Their mail:
    "-- Hello Thank you for contacting What is a Chargeback? A chargeback occurs when a customer disputes a transaction and asks their bank / building society / credit card company to refund them for a purchase rather than a company they purchased the product or service from. Chargebacks have become much more frequent as a result of an increase in fraud and identify theft, but are used unnecessarily and are much more difficult and complicated to handle than normal refunds. If you have purchased a product from UK2 and have changed your mind about or are not 100% satisfied with our services, then please contact us on freephone 0845 276 8020 so that we can arrange a refund for you, which will be quicker and easier for you. How does UK2 handle Chargebacks? When a chargeback occurs, we have to cancel the disputed account with UK2 and any products on that account e.g. Domain Names We also have to contact the customer's credit card company and the authorities, and also submit the dispute credit card to the Central Chargeback Database. Please note that this could make it hard to use that credit card elsewhere, because chargebacks are commonly associated with online fraud. For UK2 Billing Enquiries, please call 0845 276 8020 between 9.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday (calls charged at 4p per minute)."

    And my answer sent to them which describes issue:

    Hello Jason,

    Ok, I know what is chargeback and I also know that I need to accept fees for chargeback. Thatís not a problem.

    But I didnít request chargeback! My credit card was abused same day when I paid on so my bank just wanted to check all transactions that day. And thatís why they contact you also. But they didnít contact you and requested chargeback, they just wanted to be sure your transaction is valid, so they requested transaction receipt for my transaction. THATíS NOT SAME AS REQUESTING CHARGEBACK! You or your credit card processor just need to send them transaction receipt, nothing more!

    And you didnít send me any relevant article or link to terms of service where describe fees for chargeback. Please send me that and not article describing what chargeback is. I already know what chargeback is!


    Please answer me as soon as possible, or I will need to forward this mail using "Stage Two Complaint" and "Stage Three Complaint" as subject.

    And last thing: Itís not a problem for me to pay chargeback fee. But problem is that I didnít request it. You need to respect procedure. If I didnít request chargeback, I donít need to pay chargeback fee. If there is fee for "my bank requesting transaction receipt" please let me know where that fee is described.

    I was satisfied until now with But if we doesnít resolve this issue, i will be forced to pay that "chargeback" fee, because I have many domains on your account. So I will pay fee, and I will be forced also to transfer all domains from, and also to post my negative review on hosting forums so other people can see what they can experience.

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    If you/your bank issues chargeback, you are forced to pay that chargeback fee according to their ToS.

    I recommend contacting their sales department and try to explain this situation one more time. If they still refuse to understand there is nothing to do.

    However, if you already paid big money to and now you are forced to pay another money (chargeback fee), you could try opening a dispute to get your money back and consider another Domain Reseller.
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    I talked to my bank already, and they told me that they didn't request a chargeback, they just requested transaction receipt in order to validate all transactions that day. Thats a reason why I complained to, and I contact them several times, but without success..

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    Banks typically freeze payments while they investigate... so sees your payment as a charge back - you paid and then the bank took it back (at least temporarily) from therefore has to freeze your domain transfer until it is sorted out and the funds are released to them.

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    Apparently they are not handling charge-backs as professionally as I use to when I managed this brand, sorry to hear about your issue. You should be able to pay for the fee and recharge your account, and contact your bank and let them know this is a company you do business with. has a lot of chargeback because domain registration is where fraud starts. Also being a web business banks don't know how to handle a situation with an eyeball approach and over react. I would tell your bank that you will notify them when you have an issue. That seems a little over reaching and unprofessional.
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    You need to contact with bank or try to pay them another method, Then they can back to your domain

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