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    Getting Out from Gmail and Yahoo Mail Spam Box


    I don't know this category is suitable to ask this question or not. Sorry, if i'm wrong.

    I notice my emails are going in spam box at gmail and yahoo mail. while searching the reasons, only mass emailing may be a reason for me to it. but, we don't send mass spam emails, we do it only for recruiting candidates for the company.

    Is there any way to get out from spam box of gmail and yahoo mail, because most of employees use these domain.

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    Hi Neha,

    There could be many reasons why your emails gets marked as spam by Gmail/yahoo etc.

    1. Configure dns records properly for your domain. For example setup SPF records
    2. Make sure that the subject and content of the emails do not have words similar to normal spam messages
    3. If you are using mailing groups, make sure that all the members in the mail group are active and aware of the emails that you are sending
    4. Refer and check whether this link is useful:
    5. Check the IP reputation of your mail server. If it is a shared server, then many users will be sharing the same IP. That can also invite trouble.
    So check with your hosting service provider. That would be a good option.


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    1. domain keys
    2. SPF records
    3. Rdns record
    4. proper headers
    5. Proper from address
    6. non html content
    7. Sending Ip should not be listed in RBL lists

    That pretty much will cover you
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