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    Post My final review of Commercial Media

    I was hoping to post a 1 year review for them but that will not be possible now so I'll post my final review after 10 months of service (although I did place my original order in January of last year).

    So where do I start... I guess the beginning is best.

    Last year I ordered one of their $35/month dedicated servers for my birthday as a treat to myself because a few co-workers and I had some great ideas on what to use these for so we all ordered one on January 26th.

    Fast forward to March 4th and I finally receive my server after requesting a refund all through February. They make it up to me by including a free SSD drive instead of the slower SATA that was supposed to come with it so I was happy. One of my co-workers did end up getting a refund after 2 months and I am unsure of the status of my other co-worker's order.

    So the exact specs of my server were as follows:
    2x Intel Xeon L5420 (Quad Core @ 2.5GHz)
    16GB ECC RAM
    256GB SSD Drive
    Unmetered 100Mbps Port
    /29 IPv4 Subnet (5 usable)

    I had them install ESXi which worked perfectly. I decided I wanted a 2nd hard drive which they provided me a quote for and from March 10th to August I tried to get a 2nd hard drive install without any luck so I abandoned that plan. The server was stable and I had an NFS drive setup so I was still happy. This is what I consider a disposable server, I had it for testing/development and for running non-critical services and if one day it just stopped responding and CM disappeared I wouldn't lose sleep over it.

    Server Uptime
    Uptime was great and surpassed my expectations for a budget provider.

    I'll let my external monitor speak for itself:
    2013-03 - 100%
    2013-04 - 100%
    2013-05 - 98.431%*
    2013-06 - 99.894%
    2013-07 - 99.988%
    2013-08 - 99.975%
    2013-09 - 99.99%
    2013-10 - 99.843%
    2013-11 - 100%
    2013-12 - 100%
    2014-01 - 100%
    *Around 12 hours of downtime that was my fault so this is actually 100%

    Not perfect, but not bad either.

    Excellent. I loved their network and I even setup a VM for somebody overseas as a Windows RDP box and they were impressed with the latency and speeds.

    I would regularly get ~10MB/s in the US so that's close enough to the 100Mbps promised. I never measured my actual usage but the NFS backups alone used up a few hundred GB a month.

    As good as one would expect from a dual quad core server with an SSD. It was noticeably faster than my replacement server (2x Xeon X5120 with a single SATA drive) but on par with my main personal server (2x Xeon L5420 with 4x SAS drives w/HW RAID10).

    Support was hit or miss in the beginning. When I was trying to order a 2nd hard drive I would get answers to my questions but never found anybody who could actually generate the invoice and perform the work.

    When I accidentally powered off my server in May I sent an e-mail to one of their employees instead of opening a ticket since I had little faith in their help desk after the 2nd hard drive request went unanswered, the employee forwarded my e-mail to a tech and the server was powered on shortly after. I'm assuming if I had opened a ticket it might have been powered on much sooner.

    Later that month, I opened a ticket inquiring about IPv6 and less than 10 hours later they provided a detailed, non-scripted response.

    The following month, response times ranged from 1-24 hours.

    Then in July and August my tickets went unanswered completely until my invoice was 1 day late and they opened a new ticket to remind me and then they replied to one of my other tickets.

    In December and this month response times are under 12 hours again (although all tickets are billing related).

    Aside from the sporadic response times and unanswered tickets, their staff has been very nice, helpful, and understanding when communication is underway. In one instance there was an issue with making a payment to them via Paypal so I asked for an extension which they did without issue.

    The ticket subjects tell a tale:

    And now for the reason why I must leave a host that I enjoy so much, simply put I do not wish to mail them my payments going forward. I know it's strange, but for some reason this month they decided to disallow online payments for unmanaged services (i.e. my $35/month server). I can speculate all day as to why they decided to make this change, but in the end it doesn't matter since I don't feel comfortable paying for online services with a check.

    I guess the saying "all good things must come to an end" fits well here. Sure, the support was hit or miss but it was getting better towards the end and when you really do need it they are there. All-in-all, it was a good experience and it was refreshing to get better performance and uptime from a $35/month server than the +$100/month servers I had in the past.

    My replacement server is with DelimiterVPS and close to the same specs but for much cheaper so I'll be sure to write up a review for them after a month or 2 to compare the 2 companies for anybody else looking for a "disposable server".
    -Joe @ Secure Dragon LLC.
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    great review Joe D.

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