We have upgraded our VPS plans to be more competitive by removing the low-level configurations and significantly decreasing prices. Below are our current offers:

VPS 1:
OpenVZ 1200 Mhz
512 MB RAM
10 GB Storage
$10 / month

VPS 2:
OpenVZ/KVM 1200 MHz
1024 MB RAM
20 GB Storage
$15 / month

VPS 3:
OpenVZ/KVM 1200 MHz
1536 MB RAM
30 GB Storage
$20 / month

VPS 4:
OpenVZ/KVM 2400 MHz
1536 MB RAM
20 GB Storage
$25 / month

VPS 5:
OpenVZ/KVM 2400 MHz
1536 MB RAM
40 GB Storage
$30 / month

VPS 6:
OpenVZ/KVM 2400 MHz
2048 MB RAM
50 GB Storage
$35 / month

The OpenVZ only options can only be used with Linux distros. The VPSes with KVM options can have Windows on them if you so wish.

Bandwidth is unmetered on all plans. All accounts are on 100 Mbit/s servers.

All our servers are located in DC ITL in Kharkov, UA. If you would like a custom configuration please contact us at [email protected] and we will provide you with a quote.

IRC is allowed
P2P is allowed
Adult is NOT allowed (as per the Ukrainian law)
Warez hosting and spam are NOT allowed. All abuse complaints will be investigated.

Please see http://safeandsoundhost.com for more details and instructions on how to order.

Thank you for your attention,
Ilya Eremin
Safe And Sound Host