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    Seeking bundle of 10+ VPS instances with Windows OS

    Hello, I'm seeking 10+ VPS instances with unique ip addresses with a Windows OS. The IP addresses should not have similar port ranges and need to be within the US. We sell on various online market places and found competitive advantages of having multiple seller accounts on the same market place. Each instance will separate the order management software for each account. Usually only one VPS will be used at a time. I would like to start with 10 accounts from a provider, but would be interested in more. <<snipped>>

    Thank you
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    The only reason to worry about IPs is spam blacklists.
    Therefore, I doubt any hosts will help with this. They don't want customers like that.
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    This is a very strange request that will likely end in some sort of network abuse.
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    I can understand those concerns, but that is not our intent. Just making multiple seller accounts for the same marketplace for competitive advantages in listing. If this is listed in the wrong section, then I agree as well to have the thread removed.

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    Sounds like the OP just wants multiple IPs for Amazon/eBay postings.
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    IP's Per Server

    I mean, I wouldn't fully agree with all of the comments. Not all hosts will turn you down just because each server needs unique IPs. Any idea how many unique IP's you want on each server? Are you just looking for a /29 on each?

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