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    Any vendors at NYIIX + Equinix?

    Need to send traffic to Telx room at NYIIX(111 8th ave, NY) from Leaseweb DE. I know Leaseweb has peering with Equinix at NYIIX and I can probably get an x-connect between Telx and Equinix.

    Any ideas on how to better achieve required connectivity?
    Any idea how much x-connects usually cost?

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    Maybe someone can help me understand how this all works as I might be able to put Equinix out of the picture.

    I have one server in 111 8th ave (Telx) and another server In Frankfurt with Leaseweb DE. Based on peeringdb website, Leaseweb has POP in NYIIX which is at 111 8th ave as well but Telx is not listed under NYIIX(???) Is it possible to get a cross connect between the two? If so, who do I need to contact?

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    You can't go make your own peering arrangements on behalf of your telx connectivity provider and leaseweb. Is the current path and latency suboptimal presuming your telx server is on a public accessible network address?
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