I have the Parallels Virtuozzo Containers VPS with CentOS 5 OS template. I can't change the template through the PVC Power Panel nor by asking my provider to do that. He told me that the image is the container and it's impossible to change it.

I've tried unpacking the OpenVZ (not PVC) CentOS 6 image directly into my container's virtual disk and ... IT WORKED! There was some errors during the boot and there was many unnecessary files (that I didn't removed) but it booted and even the hypervisor was able to add an IP address to the container and I could manage files in there trough the PVC Power Panel.

I wanted (and I still do) Debian 7 in there so I've tried the same way and it even started and the SSH service (along with the others) was up (I could see that in PVC Power Panel) but I couldn't access the container directly via SSH nor HTTP.

Yesterday my provider finally repaired some problem with the "repair mode" (in which another container is created with the clean OS image, my IP address is attached there and my container VHD is mounted under /repair directory so I can repair it when it crashes). Then I've tried to unpack the Debian 7 image (for OpenVZ not PVC) into /repair directory after removing every file from there and boot it. Unfortunately it won't started again. Even worst, I couldn't access the Power Panel - there was nothing responding on my IP_address:4643. I had to write to my provider to restore a clean image for me.

Right now it works, but I don't understand how this could happen. Is that normal that after removing some files the accessing to the PVC PP is impossible? Why? What files are important? How does the Debian and CentOS starts under OpvenVZ/Virtuozzo? What is the difference? Where can I get the OS templates for PVC? And finally, how can I install the image myself without crushing the PVC Power Panel?