Natcoweb offers dedicated servers available for immediate pickup. The servers are located in TelX facility in Clifton, NJ or could be purchased and put on colo with us.

The list of available servers is below:

1) Supermicro X7DBR-E (4h)- 2x Intel Xeon E5405 2Ghz - 4x 1Gb RAM - IPMI Supermicro SimsoP 2.0 RARITAN KIRA 100 KVM module - Price $405.00

2) Supermicro X7DBR-3 (4h) -2x Intel Quad Core 5405 2.0Ghz - 4x 4Gb RAM - RAID 3ware 9690SA-4i 4xSAS/SATA (int.) 4x PCIe x8 - 2x 450Gb SAS- Supermicro SIMSO 2.0
- NEC 24x - $445.00

3) Supermicro X7DBR-E (4h) -2x Intel Xeon L5410 2.33Ghz - 8x 4Gb RAM - 2x 250Gb SATA
- IPMI Supermicro SIMSO+ 2.0 KVM/LAN - $505.00

4) Supermicro X8DTL-IF (4h)- 2x Intel E5620 2.40Ghz 4C/8T - 6x 4Gb
- 2х 500Gb SATA - Winbond WPCM450 BMC 2.0 KVM/LAN - $1,550.00

More deals are available on request.

To order or ask your questions:
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email [email protected]
phone 1.6462333035