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    How far to downgrade?

    So my website is slowly but surely dieing. The game is old and there's less demand year after year. I have basically left the site on auto pilot now for about three years. I started back in 2004 with CIHost, 2.4Ghz Celeron, 256Mb RAM, 80Gb HD and graduated through a few servers and finally ended up at WSI.

    Its a PHP based website with a mySQL serving the content. Current specs are..

    L5520 with 24Gb of ram, 100mbit connection, unlimited bandwidth with WSI at 59$ per month. I require about 100Gb of disk space.

    Load average currently 0.07 (1 min) 0.02 (5 mins) 0.00 (15 mins), these are very very typical at any time of day. RAM usage consistently hovers around 900Mb.

    I had to remove the site from HostGator as it kept using too much CPU time. I am worried that since the code is old (phpNUKE) and vulnerable to being overloaded during an attack that a VPS may not be a solution. From what I can tell though I won't save money at a VPS due to the disk space I require.

    So I know this server is overkill, but how far should I downgrade?

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    The specs you are getting at 59/mo is very decent, sure you don't mean 159?

    At the price of 59/mo you're not going to get anything good, so I'd suggest sticking with your current configuration.

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