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    PhotonVPS down (again)

    Yet again PhotonVPS letting me down..

    In last 24hrs there have been 5 outages totalling 12hours and counting.. that's 50%!!!

    I did ping tech support last night and got some fuzzy story of something going out yesterday morning and it's all rosy now... not so
    This morning at around 11:20am pacific timezone one of our cluster network link failed, we immediately rushed members of our networking department to the Data Center to address the outage. The process of replacing the failed equipment took time due to the fragile equipment being remove/replace. Thankfully our network engineers managed to replace, and bring back the down cluster.

    Your VM machine, sites etc.. Should now be back online. If you continue to experience problems with your services or wish to speak with management directly, please open a new support ticket, or ask to escalate this ticket.
    As ever - nothing on their website, twitter, facebook or other means to let anyone know what's going on

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    what service do you use? is that cloud SSD VPS?

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    No - Warp2 VPS

    SolusVM says the VM is up - but nothing connects to it.

    EDIT - by nothing.. no SSH console, no FTP (had one setup), no web browser, no webmin - nothing...

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    update - since I posted the webmin server has come up once again.. still no web server.. but at least I can attach to the server now

    SSH now working..
    Still no websites being served.. but it appears everything else is working again..

    needed to restart the mysql and apache servers manually.
    I have these in the rc.d so not sure why they didn't start after a reboot..
    mail server, pop server and ftp server did start automatically.
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    Went down again - unable to even contact the VM.

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    Looks like only your VM is down, do you have a ticket number I can look at?

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    Apologies for the delay
    Had to deal with the day job

    Anyway - it's working now.. Been up and stable for nearly 2hrs now..
    FYI Profuse-Jimmy - the ticket IDs were 985201 & 820589
    AS ever - 0 real explanation of what went wrong .

    Fingers crossed the VM stays up this time.

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